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Grasping opportunities

Aaron Yost, class of 2011
Communication major
Pinetop, Ariz.

Aaron Yost as Bill in "Whatever Kindles"Family ties
Aaron has a lot of interests being that he is a communication major with a theatre concentration and a minor in English. He enjoys being able to pursue all of his passions while at Bluffton. Coming from a small town in Arizona to Bluffton, Ohio, some may wonder what it was that brought him such a great distance. But for Aaron, coming to Bluffton seemed like a natural choice. Aaron s parents are Bluffton graduates who told Aaron stories about how they met here on campus. While Aaron came to Bluffton at his family s encouragement, he says he stayed because of all the opportunities he has been offered.

Performer at heart
Aaron is very involved in theatre at Bluffton. He played one of the leads in the fall play Whatever Kindles, a story about Christian Peacemaker Teams. It was really interesting playing that character, says Aaron of 60-year old Bill whom he portrayed as serving in Hebron. Bill was so torn over tough issues. That play got people thinking about important things. Aaron sees acting as a form of service as it brings a message to an audience that they might not otherwise hear. He is also a member of the Improv Troupe, a group that performs spontaneously off of audience suggestions.
Urban semester
To fulfill Bluffton s cross-cultural requirement, Aaron is spending the fall 2009 semester in Washington, D.C., taking classes and working an internship. The city offers many venues to work in theatre during the week, as well as service opportunities on the weekends. Aaron is looking forward to his first long-term urban experience and is grateful to have the chance to go and learn more about his interests. I ve never lived in a big city, and this is a great chance to do that, says Aaron.
Staying connected
Aaron is a part of Camerata Singers and BASIC (Brothers and Sisters in Christ). Camerata Singers is a select-member choir. During spring break, Camerata Singers traveled through Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, singing at churches and nursing homes. I enjoy Camerata because choir has always been a constant in my life, says Aaron.  I have been in choir since elementary school, and so being a part of Camerata provided something familiar to me in a new setting. BASIC is something Aaron looks forward to every week. A student-sponsored organization for students, faculty and staff to meet informally on a weekly basis, BASIC groups provide personal support, fellowship and growth in the context of Christian community. BASIC provides a great intimate setting in which I ve gotten to know some people I would otherwise not have interacted with, says Aaron. And, it's nice to have someone open his home to me, especially since I do not go home too often.