Bluffton University - Blake Zickafoose

PEACE Club meeting
 Blake Zickafoose

senior religion major with a minor in history
from Lima, Ohio

Importance of involvement

In her sophomore year, Blake Zickafoose enjoys Bluffton because of the opportunities available to the students to get involved. Being on a small campus is nice because it gives students a chance to get involved in a variety of activities, says Blake. She participates in Camerata Singers, Young Democrats, Brothers and Sisters in Christ (BASIC) and PEACE Club. She is also a hall chaplain.

Growing in Christ

Being a hall chaplain is important to Blake because it allows her to gain experience in the ministry field. Hall chaplains live in the residence halls and are available for peer counseling and organizing religious-life activities. Blake plans Bible studies, service projects and trips. She also helps new students get oriented to spiritual life on campus. Through BASIC, Blake can grow in her faith with friends. Christ-centered and interdenominational, BASIC groups meet weekly each semester and provide personal support, fellowship and growth in the context of Christian community.

Called to the ministry

A passion for her faith is what caused Blake to major in religion and history. Blake likes the religion department at Bluffton because of how she is challenged. I feel challenged in a good way here at Bluffton, she says. I love the professors because they push me to excel and provide a wonderful support system. One of Blake s goals while at Bluffton is to read the New Testament in its original Greek language, and she praises the professors for being available to help her every step of the way.

A musician at heart

Blake has always enjoyed music. Performing with Camerata Singers a select 32-member choir allows Blake to express her love of music while having lots of fun with her friends. Through Camerata, she has traveled and performed throughout the United States. "With Camerata Singers, I can use my ability to sing as a way of worshipping and praising God in song, says Blake. It s easy to enjoy the music, but when I think about the text and what it really means, it becomes so much more than a song."

Active in peace education

Choosing a favorite campus activity is not hard for Blake. I love all my activities but I definitely look the most forward to PEACE Club, she says. She enjoys sharing interfaith dialogue and discussing similarities and differences among different faiths. Representing Peace Education and Action Community Endeavor, PEACE Club is designed to educate students about current peace-related issues and to encourage and organize appropriate action in response to these issues. PEACE Club is a great way for people to not only realize their role at Bluffton but also their role as a citizen in the global community, says Blake.

Kristie Corney