Bluffton Cohort-Based Organizational Management Program

Advance your career

Bluffton University s Cohort-based Organizational Management Program (BCOMP) is an accelerated degree completion program that creates a dynamic, learning community of working adults. Students who complete the program demonstrate a commitment to personal development and professional advancement and prove their readiness to take on new levels of responsibility in the workplace.

    • Classes one night a week
    • Degree completion in as few as four semesters
    • Four convenient locations: Bluffton, Owens Community College in Findlay, Edison Community College in Piqua and Northwest State Community College in Archbold
    • Individualized academic advising throughout the program
    • "One-stop" customer service with many administrative details such as registration handled in the classroom, and textbooks and materials mailed to your home.

Words from our alumni

Naomi BakerThis has been one of the hardest journeys in my life- but I am so thankful that I made this journey. I have learned so much more beyond classroom and textbooks. I feel like I am a better person and I am more caring and involved with my surroundings and my community. I know that I would not have had such a fulfilling educational experience anywhere other than Bluffton. 

Before this journey I did not understand the importance of a bachelor's degree. I remember saying (in frustration) more than once, "It is only a piece of paper!" I was so very WRONG! I have learned so much about the value of a good education and how important it is in every aspect of my life not just for job advancement but in my personal life as well!  Naomi Baker

For more detailed information, contact:
Office of Adult and Graduate Studies
800-488-3257, option 4