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Here are answers to questions about the Bluffton Cohort-based Organizational Management (BCOMP) and Health Care Management programs that are most frequently asked. Click on the question to go directly to the answer.

How do I qualify? 
To be admitted to BCOMP or the Health Care Management program, you must have a minimum of 60 semester hours (90 quarter hours) of transferable college credit and have a minimum grade point average of 2.0.

You need to be regularly employed or actively involved in an organization. Due to the interactive classroom environment, you must have prior work experience and be 23 years of age or older.

How is it possible to complete my degree in as little as four semesters?
The BCOMP and HCM programs include a sequence of courses scheduled over four semesters that results in 48 semester hours of credit. A total of 122 semester hours is needed to graduate from Bluffton. Depending on the number of hours transferred, you may have additional hours to complete beyond your program of study. These additional semester hours may be obtained in several ways: through documenting college-level work/life experience and training, correspondence courses and College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or DSST exams. Additional courses may be taken at Bluffton or other institutions. Our academic advisers are available for consultation.

What is the curriculum for these programs?
The curriculum is a current, integrative, comprehensive approach to management and health care using courses especially designed to take advantage of the contributions that adult students bring to the classroom. The major curriculum is complemented by required courses in the liberal arts.
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 Could you have college credit for work or life experience?
Undergraduate students may have life or work experience which can be assessed for college credit. Through a process called prior learning assessment, or PLA, students can earn college credit for what they already know, and these credits can be put on a transcript at the start of their enrollment. There are many PLA options available. To learn more explore online or speak with one of our program advisors at 800-488-3257, option 4.

What is the BCOMP independent research project and how will it benefit me and my employer?
The purpose of the project is to convey the value of the research process in business and management.  It will also improve skills in recognizing, stating and solving problems creatively, objectively and systematically.  Throughout the program, you will learn skills in evaluating proposals for change, research and results, and become a competent empirical researcher.  The project experience will also enhance oral and written presentation techniques. You will combine research with practical implementation of theories and concepts to develop an individual project. Library research methods and resources are introduced to assist you in the development of this project.  The total project is then presented in a written and oral form.  

Where are your students employed? Will I fit into this program?
More than 100 groups, or cohorts, have completed or are currently in the process of completing their bachelor's degree. Our students represent a cross section of both the private and public sector. They are employed in the banking industry, health care professions, engineering, manufacturing, social services and law enforcement, just to name a few.

What can I do with this degree?
Both the Organizational Management and the Health Care Management degrees prepare students to be better managers.  Knowledge and skills gained through the course of study in these majors will prove beneficial as you advance in your career. 

What is a cohort?
A cohort is a group of people with some factor in common such a membership in a class or age group. A class of up to 20 students go through the course sequence as a group over a period of four semesters. The advantage of this is that over the course of the program students build a strong supportive network in their group. Students often cite this as one of the very positive factors in their success in the program. Classes meet one evening per week from 6 to 10 p.m.

Where do you offer this program?
We currently offer the BCOMP program on our campus in Bluffton; Owens Community College in Findlay, Ohio; Edison Community College in Piqua, Ohio; and Northwest State Community College in Archbold, Ohio. The Health Care Management program is currently only offered on the Bluffton campus.

Is Bluffton University accredited? Are your off-site locations accredited?
Bluffton is accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the North Central Association. This accreditation also covers Bluffton courses at Owens Community College in Findlay, Ohio; Edison Community College in Piqua, Ohio; and Northwest State Community College in Archbold, Ohio.

Will I qualify for graduate school upon completion of this program? 

Many graduates of our adult degree completion programs have been accepted into master's programs and are well prepared for this advanced level of study. Because we are fully-accredited, students should not have any difficulty being accepted into a master's degree program. Bluffton also offers an accelerated graduate program in which students earn a master of business administration, master of business administration with a concentration in health care management or a master of arts in organizational management degree.

Will I qualify for financial aid and what options do I have for paying for the program?
Students in this degree completion program are considered full time and may be eligible for state and federal grants or loans. Completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required to determine eligibility. Most students qualify for the Federal Stafford Loan Program. In addition to grants or loans, we offer a deferred payment plan to qualified students who are eligible for reimbursement by their employer. Check with your employer to see if they offer educational assistance. Another option is to arrange a personal payment plan, either by the semester or monthly.

How do I get started?
We encourage you to schedule an information meeting by contacting our office. There is no cost fee for this meeting. The program representative will explain how transfer credit applies toward this program, what to expect in the curriculum and how to apply.

For additional information, contact:

Office of Adult and Graduate Studies
Phone:  800-488-3257, option 4
FAX:     419-358-3399