Why choose Bluffton?

  • Bluffton's graduate programs in education offer a challenging curriculum that provides teachers with relevant and practical tools for revitalizing and strengthening classroom teaching.
  • Students enjoy the expertise of knowledgeable, accessible and caring professors as well as individualized academic advising and support.
  • Interactive learning provides the opportunity to engage in thoughtful discussions with professors and classmates as teaching experiences are shared.
  • Bluffton is nationally accredited through NCATE.
  • Bluffton's graduate program offers flexible scheduling to accommodate a busy teacher's schedule.


About the Bluffton program

The graduate programs in education are organized around the conceptual framework, Educators Nurturing Communities of Learning and Respect. All courses and experiences are structured with this framework in mind and all candidates are expected to demonstrate the following performance outcomes:


  • demonstrate strong content knowledge
  • understand how students learn and develop
  • employ effective teaching strategies that lead to high levels of student learning
  • employ effective teaching strategies that encourage critical thinking and problem solving
  • implement on-going assessment through a variety of formal and informal strategies
  • have knowledge and skills and use technology to enhance learning



  • nurture respectful classrooms
  • develop inclusive classrooms that value each student
  • use non-violent conflict resolution strategies to demonstrate respect
  • celebrate diversity
  • provide instruction to accommodate diversity



  • develop and maintain collaborative relationships with parents, colleagues and the community
  • act upon the understanding that they have been called to a vocation
  • communicate effectively using verbal and nonverbal techniques
  • reflect on teaching and student learning
  • value and participate in on-going professional development